Ceramic Artist Rikke Elgaard

Rikke Elgaard Keramik

I create all of my ceramics on the pottery wheel. I love the speed, rhythm and flow of it. I work my fingers into the clay from inside the vessel and out, to create a sculptural and organic surface.


Rikke Elgaard (DK, 1973) is a craftswoman with a huge urge to create. When asked what inspires her – plants, seeds or maybe the old masters, she answers “None of them. I just keep on exploring and developing. One piece leads to the next.”

According to Puls Contemporary Ceramics, her pieces are a celebration to the stoneware vessel, repetitive ornamentation, gorgeous shapes and juicy glazes.

I graduated as a ceramic designer from The Danish School of Design in Kolding in 2001. I received a two-year start-up grant for young, newly qualified artisans from the Danish Art Foundation and established and developed a sustainable ceramics company. My work is on display and sold through a number of Danish museums and galleries across the country, and at Puls Contemporary Ceramics in Brussels since 2021.